As 2022 is winding up, Bollywood is looking welcome in 2023 with lots of positivity and optimism. And actress Kavya Keeran is symbolic of the word positivity and optimism. The actress had a fantastic 2022 and she remained in the limelight for most parts of it. She even won the audience’s support for her work.

And as we have heard from her often, she likes to spend her holiday and festive occasions mostly with her family and friends. So, we asked if she will stick to it for the upcoming New Year too, and here is what she said after a brief laugh.

“I’m going to be celebrating and welcoming the new year with some close and old friends. We will cut cakes, tune the speakers to the bombastic Bollywood songs, and party. Also, I want to remain optimistic that 2023 will bring me more joy just like 2022 did. I even have thought of a few resolutions but not sharing them now.”

She further took a moment to wish her fans and supporters a happy new year saying, “I hope you all have a great and prosperous new year and continue to shower me with love. God bless!”


Kavya Keeran Welcomed The New Year, 2023, with Her Close Friends

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