Ranjeeta Singh, who lives in the beautiful valleys of Manali,  is soon going to step into Bollywood in Mayanagari. She was fond of acting since childhood, so after coming to Mumbai, Ranjeeta took acting training from ‘Creating Characters’.  Now she is ready to play her innings of acting. Ranjeeta has modeled for the international magazine ‘Praze’ and HP India.

She has also received an offer from a South Indian film. She likes emotional and adventurous roles very much. She wants  to work in web series, serials and films. She likes to work in music videos.

Ranjeeta’s dream is to become a part of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss. She wants that if she gets selected in Bigg Boss,  it will be a wonderful pleasure like her dream coming true. Actress Rani Mukherjee is his favorite actress.  Rani Mukherjee’s films ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat’ and ‘Saathiya’ were shot in her hometown Manali, where Ranjeeta  was very impressed after seeing Rani and the thought came in her mind that she too would grow up and become an actress.

Ranjeeta Singh has her own ‘salon’ and is also associated with real estate. She is very fond of book reading, gym, travelling,  cooking and walking. She has traveled across the country and abroad. She has been to foreign countries like Paris, Singapore,  Belgium, Dubai etc. and wants to continue her journey further. Ranjeeta is very religious and she says that there must be a  sense of humanity within a person.

Which is very disappointing. We should not forget our origin and should not compare a person with money but should see  the goodness within him. Be it rich or poor, every person should be treated with equal respect and no one should be insulted or disregarded even by mistake.

Ranjeeta is a down to earth person. She respects her mother and birthplace very much. She considers her mother as her role model.

Like her, Adarsh ​​wants to achieve her destination with patience, dedication, confidence and courage. She has special respect for the culture, clothing, food and beauty of Himachal. Even after coming to Mumbai, Himachal is still in his heart.


Ranjeeta Singh Has Distinction Of Being Modeled For The International Magazine PRAZE And HP INDIA

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