After the British Raj, India experienced profound transformations, yet the art education system in schools remained entrenched in traditional paradigms. Despite centuries of artists asserting their individuality, the Indian school system persists in promoting a specific style of art, echoing Western academic conventions.

Renowned artist Anita Goel challenges this status quo with her upcoming solo exhibition, Avataran. Scheduled to unveil on February 4, Goel seeks to revolutionise the prevailing artistic norms entrenched within Indian educational institutions.

“The school art system perpetuates undistinguished artworks, stifling creativity,” remarks Anita Goel. “My aim is to disrupt this homogeneity and redefine contemporary Indian art.”

Anita Goel’s artistic vision transcends conventional boundaries. Her creations extend beyond the confines of the canvas, exploring the latent potential of painting tools, particularly the use of painting knives. Embracing the ethos of abstract expressionism, Goel eschews the notion that a painting must convey a specific message or narrative, prioritising instead the interplay of form and medium.

At the heart of Goel’s oeuvre lies a bold exploration of form, colour, and texture. Each piece beckons viewers to delve deeper, guided by recurring avian motifs—an homage to her previous series, Udaan, and a prelude to Avataran. The avian imagery serves as a narrative thread, inviting observers to uncover new perspectives with each glance.

Through the deliberate selection of irregularly shaped canvases and varying thicknesses, Goel creates a sense of three-dimensionality within the confines of a flat surface. The textured layers of knifed paint engage with the canvas’s nuanced topography, compelling viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels.

Join us for the unveiling of Avataran on February 4, at 12:00noon at Jolie’s, Worli as Anita Goel invites audiences to embark on a transformative journey through the realms of contemporary Indian art.

Anita Goel’s Avataran is on from Feb 4, from 12 noon at Jolie’s, Birla Centurion, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Century Mills Compound, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030.


Avataran – A Solo Art Show By Anita Goel Unveiled On February 4

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