Renowned Sarangi virtuoso Kamal Sabri unveils his latest masterpiece, “Dil Da Jani,” a captivating fusion of pain and poetry in a mesmerizing musical journey. Demonstrating his versatility as a universal musician, Kamal and his wife Tarannum Sabri wrote and Sabri has composed, lent his soulful voice and mastery of the Sarangi to create a truly enchanting experience. With over 25 solo and collaborative Sarangi recordings to his credit, including the award-winning “Sajna Mein,” song  Kamal Sabri continues to push boundaries and redefine musical genres.

Teaming up with co-singer Ruchika Chauhan, “Dil Da Jani” marks Sabri’s latest endeavor, backed by industry powerhouse Zee Music Company and co-produced by the visionary designer Ms. Ashvini Persaud. Sabri’s pioneering efforts in popularizing Sarangi music have garnered global acclaim, with his compositions transcending cultural barriers and captivating audiences worldwide. From the mesmerizing rhythms of “Dance of the Desert,” India’s Grammy submission in 2006, to innovative blends like “Sarangi Funk” and “Sarangi Redefined,” Sabri’s eclectic fusion of Sarangi with Jazz, Funk, Flamenco, Desert Dance, and more has earned him accolades and admiration worldwide.

Recognized for his contributions to music and culture, Kamal Sabri has received numerous accolades, including World Music Artist of The Year 2023 Award, Nashville Music City Award, Gold Medalist at Global Music Awards Los Angeles, Outstanding Achievement in Performing Arts Award by GOPIO Internaternational org. USA , honors from the Mayor of New York and an Honorary Doctorate in Music from Mother Teresa University in Melbourne, Australia.

“Dil Da Jani” exemplifies Sabri’s artistic brilliance, sponsored by IM of The Saree and Midnight Kaieteur, and Green Fad, pioneers in sustainable fashion and design projects exhibited by International Museum of The Saree and Green Fashion, Art & Design Museum. The poignant narrative of “Dil Da Jani” follows the emotional journey of two lovers, navigating misunderstandings and tests of love, portrayed with sensitivity and depth.

Directed by the talented Abhishek Singh, a project by Sushil Pandey and Zqe Pictures Production, the “Dil Da Jani” video promises to captivate viewers with its compelling storyline and exquisite visuals. Experience the magic as Sabri and Chauhan’s melodious voices intertwine with the evocative strains of the Sarangi, weaving a tale of love, longing, and redemption.

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DIL DA JANI Song Directed By The Talented Abhishek Singh, A Project By Sushil Pandey And Zqe Pictures Production

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